From the Coach’s Perspective: A Guide to Preseason

If you want to be a starter on varsity:  Aggressive, has 1v1 mastery, superior and confident stick skills, be able to read the field and master set plays, be in superior fitness (can run 70 minutes and potentially more without being subbed), can be relied on consistently, Offensive player can (on their own) carry the ball the length of the field and score (on their own), Defensive player can (on their own) identify and mark the most “dangerous” player, and can CONSISTENTLY stick tackle and then transition the ball

If you want to make varsity: Aggressive, has 1v1 basic knowledge, mastery of basic stick skills, a working knowledge of the field and positions, excellent fitness (can run for 60 minutes, shouldn’t need a sub)

If you want to be a cross-over: Has a basic stick skill set and demonstrates ability to move to a mastery level, has some basic knowledge of the field and positioning, shows the potential to be a starter or major contributor by the end of the season, excellent fitness (can run for 60 minutes)

If you want to make JV:  Has a positive attitude, works hard, and shows an active interest in learning and improving. When making mistakes, the player quickly tries to correct oneself or demonstrates hustle while making the mistake. Player shows active progress in improving fitness level

How to get cut: lack of effort, bad attitude (including complaining about playing time), talking back to coaches, clearly shows a desire to NOT be on the team


The JV team/ and or time on JV is meant to improve basic skills. There are no set rosters for the entire season and they can change depending on skill/ fitness level improvement (or decline). JV will have fair and consistent playing time for everyone, while Vasity is NOT “Fair” when it comes to playing time. Age, and class are not a factor when it comes to Varsity playing time.


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